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And Other Musings of a Time Lord

The Doctor
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Name: The Doctor (ninth regenerative form)
Aliases: Theta Sigma, John Smith, Ka Faraq Gatri, Bringer of Darkness, Karshtakavaar, the Oncoming Storm, the Other
Age: 900+ years (unspecified)
Race: Gallifreyan (Time Lord)
Occupation: Time traveler and space hobo
Residence: Stolen Type 40 Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space (TARDIS) machine

To say the Doctor is a complex guy is only hitting the very tip of the proverbial iceberg. His history is just as complicated. He was born on Gallifrey, attended the Academy as a child, failed a few times before passing and becoming a Time Lord, and then stole an old decomissioned Type 40 TARDIS.

Things from there only got more interesting.

Now a renegade, he donned a new name--the Doctor--and began his travels with his granddaughter, Susan. For a while, they stayed on Earth while she gained a Human education, until two discovered their secret of living in a police box that was bigger on the inside. The traveling began again, and for the next few hundred years, it was a whirlwind of adventures to far distant stars and times, gaining allies and enemies along the way, as well as taking on and off again various companions. Not to mention regenerating along the way, a process all Time Lords possess in which when the body dies, a new one comes of it (and a new personality as well).

Out of the thirteen bodies a Time Lord can normally have (twelve regenerations in all), this one's the ninth in the line. His experiences during the last great Time War, the final devastating war between his people and a terrifying race and long-time enemy known as the Daleks, caused him to harden and occassionally come off as cold and distant. The guilt he feels about his actions during the War and ending it, as well as the fact that he believes he is the last Time Lord in existence, weighs him down. That is not to say that he's constantly brooding and dark--far from it. He enjoys the companionships that he gains, loves to meet new people and visit new places, and has a bad habit of being able to make a joke out of any situation.

He is a study in contrasts. One minute, he could be cracking a witty joke with a pop culture referrence, and the next, he might feel a flare of righteous indignation. His anger is a force to be reckoned with. His patience is short, especially in the face of what he percieves to be slowness and idiocy, but his love is as infinite as the interrior of the TARDIS (almost). Most of the time, though, he'll keep to himself, blend in with the rest of the crowd--unless danger is sensed, in which case, he will spring into action without a second thought.

This Doctor is played prior to the events of "Bad Wolf"--duh, else he wouldn't be here to be played.

Yep, this is shadowesque13, making a journal for the Ninth Doctor of Doctor Who for roleplaying and prompting. I am not the Doctor, belonging to the BBC and for the moment RTD, nor am I Christopher Eccleston. This is just for fun. Pay no attention to the fangirl behind the curtain.

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